The Iceberg Alley – Iceberg and Whale Sightings app allows subscribed users to view and post iceberg and whale sightings in real time, with descriptions and photos. Residents and visitors of Newfoundland, Canada and of Greenland can enjoy beautiful photos of the latest sightings, and use the shared sighting posts to locate nearby whales and icebergs. Iceberg Alley app users help each other find the best spots to experience whales and icebergs as they make their way through “Iceberg Alley” in the waters from Greenland to coastal Newfoundland.

NEW in July 2017!  You can now view and post iceberg and whale sightings on our website.  We encourage you to download the app to take advantage of the additional features that are not available on the website; however, if you would prefer to access via your computer, click here to get started!